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Fleet Savings Collective Data Software

How Will You Save With Collective Data?

It all starts with having the right information.

As the slashing of fleet budgets continue, organizations are realizing they must get a fleet management system in place.

Without it, fleets will continue to have problems gathering accurate information to track the cost of maintaining their equipment, tracking labor and much more.

Collective Data specializes in providing fleet management software that helps fleets save money and time in a variety of ways:

Preventative Maintenance

Better Preventative Maintenance

  • Reduce downtime with more efficient PM scheduling. (Better maintenance leads to less shop visits, saving money and improving fleet productivity.)
  • Email notifications and task lists improve workflow and give superivisors more time to worry about other important issues.
Parts Inventory Management

Warranty & Parts Inventory

  • Recapture lost warranty dollars $$ - (Our system automatically notifies mechanics of any part added to work orders that are on warranties.)
  • Help prevent reordering of non-used or obsolete parts.
  • Compare how much parts are costing you by vendor. Make adjustments accordingly.
  • Save time by having all parts needed to complete repairs on the shelf.
Fleet Labor

Labor Productivity

  • Track direct vs. indirect labor (Available with collectiveShop).
  • Find out how productive your employees are by comparing actual hours to industry standards.
  • Increase accuracy in reports and accountability throughout the organization.
Fleet Administration


  • Eliminate double-entry of work orders
  • Provide reports that analyze and give crucial cost detail at a fraction of the time it would require without a fleet management software in place.

Success Stories

Fleet Maintenance Workers

See how fleets across the U.S. and Canada are improving productivity and getting a return on their investment.

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