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Fleet Maintenance Barcode Scanning Collective Data Software

Bar Code Scanning

Manage your parts inventory with improved efficiency.

Spend fewer man-hours counting, recording and tracking items in your fleet's inventory by utilizing barcode scanning technology.

  • Get accurate inventory counts
  • Limit or eliminate time-consuming data entry tasks
  • Simplify work order creation
  • Manage equipment components
  • Quickly perform check-in/check-out functions
  • Much more!

What scanners or printers can be used?

Any bar code scanner or printer that works with Windows is compatible with Collective Data software.

Rugged Tablet PC Option

Barcode Scanning

Tablet PC

Motion™ F5t

The Motion F5t is a rugged tablet PC that fits nicely within a parts room or shop environment. It's a fully-functioning PC with Windows® 7, high quality view anywhere screen, camera, and bar code scanner.

Learn more about the Motion F5t.

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See how fleets across the U.S. and Canada are improving productivity and getting a return on their investment.

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