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Advanced Parts Tracking

Fleet Parts

Helping fleets take parts inventory management to a whole new level.

Advanced Parts Tracking gives you an expanded set of features for improved productivity and more in-depth tracking. This enhancement option includes the following:

Part Measurement Conversions - Allows you to set up separate units (i.e. Quarts, Case, Drum, etc.) for receiving and issuance of inventory. Prices and quantities will be calculated to reflect the desired units each step of the way.

Automated Pre-Defined Parts and Labor - The system will remember parts and labor added to work codes in past work orders. When you attempt to add a work code to a new work order, the system will automatically add in the parts and labor for that work code. This can save administrators and technicians a lot of time in the data entry process.

Vendor Part Return Credit Tracking - Credits issued from a vendor are trackable in the system and when entering a new parts order for that vendor, a notification will let you know that there is a credit that can be applied.

Part Kit Management - Gives the ability to set up pre-defined "kits" of parts. Once these are set up, they can be added to the work order details with an easy click of a button. Instead of adding many parts for jobs associated with a service or repair, the part kit can be added and all subsequent parts will be added automatically.

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