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Collective Data Releases Core Update

Core Update 6.0.36

For Immediate Release

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – November 23, 2015 – Collective Data, Inc., a leading provider of fleet and asset management software systems, has officially released Core Update 6.0.36, a software update that provides a variety of new functionality and enhancements to their comprehensive asset management system.

"We focused a lot of efforts on enterprise-level requirements, scalability, and advanced web version features," commented Jason Wonase, President and CEO of Collective Data. "Multi-processor server support, improved system monitoring, and enhanced security measures are just a few ways that will allow clients continue to use our software with confidence to manage their mission critical asset-driven operations."

Core update fixes and improvements are compatible with all supported versions of Collective Data applications, and is provided free of charge to customers on active support contracts. This update included a number of improvements, many of which were for the web-based version of the software.

The core update highlights include:

  • Improved performance monitoring
  • HTML message support in content editor
  • Trigger email history (required Application Update and Trigger Module)
  • Multi-server mode for improve speed and response
  • Expanded logging and exception handling
  • Two-way SSL SOAP integration capability added
  • Enhanced Active Directory module. Now supports multiple groups and domains, dynamic user creation, and can synchronize employee data with Active Directory.
  • Triggers can now attach image and document fields to emails
  • Support for new seasonal scheduling mod
  • Upgraded encryption libraries

About Collective Data, Inc.
Collective Data is a provider of fleet and related asset management software, headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA. Collective Data software helps improve productivity, reduce operating costs and provides better reporting for organizations whose fleet and related equipment are mission critical.

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