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See some of the ways you'll gain a return on investment with Collective Data fleet and asset management software.

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Finally, fleet management software that supervisors and employees enjoy using.

Collective Data's industry-leading fleet maintenance and asset management solution improves fleet productivity and provides the data needed for better, more-informed decision making. Everything from detailed fleet equipment tracking, fleet maintenance scheduling, shop and work order management, part inventory tracking, and fuel data management are part of a Collective Data fleet management software system.

A flexible software platform gives Collective Data the ability to configure solutions to meet the unique tracking requirements of a variety of fleets. With fleet management software matched to your processes, you'll gain maximum return on investment and get one step closer to reaching your fleet management goals.

Why you'll increase productivity with Collective Data's fleet management software system:

  • Easy-to-use software that all users, from fleet managers to technicians, can benefit from
  • Flexible and configurable to match specific fleet tracking needs
  • Quickly and efficiently replaces old, laborious fleet management systems
  • Scalable to accommodate changes in your organization over the long-term
  • Supported by a best-in-industry technical support team
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Customer Testimonial

Placer County Sheriff

# of Assets Tracked: 300

Managing a fleet of patrol cars, admin vehicles, special units, pool vehicles, trailers, ATV, and snowmobiles, Placer County Sheriff has been able to provide even better service, produce better reports, and save time as a result of implementing the collectiveFleet system.

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Monitoring Key Performance Indicators and its Importance

Not monitoring KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) could cost you. They help you evaluate overall performance of your asset-driven operation and help you stay pro-active in keeping it running smoothly. With the right software, being able to create and monitor useful KPI’s is easily achievable.

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